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Winter 2021 Recipe List

I am very excited to announce a new series of classes in the new year! These classes are 1 hr long each and the fee is $45. You can book these classes under the 1 hour library option on my booking page. Mug meals are now $30 and can be booked in the same place as before. 

Meals for 1

Spinach and cheese ravioli, Tuna melt Chicken quesadillas, Vegetable Lo Mein.

Family meals (most serve 4)

Baked mac and cheese, Chicken and dumplings, Vegetable Lasagna, Eggplant parmesan, Chicken pot pie 

Mug Meals

Mac and cheese, Pepperoni pizza, Lasagna, French toast, Ham and cheese omelet, Chocolate chip cookie, Snickerdoodle, Lava cake.

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